10 Best Berkey Water Filters – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2018)

Among the water filters in the market, Berkey Water Filters stand out. They have become a famous brand, and the Berkey Company has developed a very effective method for filtering water.

Berkey water filters use an advanced filtration system which may be the reason the brand commands a reputation. Unlike other water filters, they do not need electricity to operate, and their design enables them to remove all impurities in the water.

The pollutants they filter out include odors, unwanted chemicals, foul tastes and heavy metals such as lead. Due to the high level of efficiency, they fit to be considered as purifiers. If you are thinking of getting a Berkey water filter, the following top recommendations will be worth your investment.

Ten Best Berkey Water Filters Review

There are so many contaminants, inorganic minerals, and sediments in tap water. Berkey Water Filters are unique because unlike other water filtration processes they retain healthy minerals. The result of using these filters is clean, tasty and healthy drinking water. Read our Berkey Water Filter reviews for more benefits and the shortcomings of each Berkey filter.

Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter System

Drinking contaminated tap water puts you at risk while buying bottled water drains your pocket. Upgrade to a water filtration system. 

Berkey Company has all its filtration systems featuring a stainless steel construction. Steel is high quality and durable since resistant to corrosion.

Despite being a large unit, it is simple to assemble. It filters 3000 gallons before need to replace its 2 Black filters. The best thing about it is that it supports a dual set of filters. That implies if you use it with four filters, you get 6000 gallons.

BK4X2 2 PF 2 filters which can filter 1000 gallons each before replacements. These fluoride filters are optional, but we recommend you use them to get the best quality of filtered water.

Compared to other Berkey units, it is more heavy duty. Its massive duty feature is evident through the 6.5 gallons of water that it can filter each hour. With an extensive holding capacity of 6 gallons, you can be sure to get the best service even when hosting a large crowd.

Tests were done on the unit prove its effectiveness since it can remove food coloring from the water; without eliminating healthy minerals in the water. Therefore, it qualifies as the strongest among other Berkey Filter units.

For those who love power, the filter system is versatile to allow eight purification elements. It features superior craftsmanship and is the best deal. Purchasing this unit gives you the best value for your money.

What People Like

  • Simple to install
  • Removed odor and heavy metals
  • High holding capacity
  • Very effective

Don't Like So Much

  • The filters are held in place by plastic which may easily snap
  • It may leak if you fail to install it properly

Big Berkey BK4X2- CF with 2.9” Ceramic Filters 

Testing done on Berkey filters show that they can thoroughly remove pathogens by 100%. Of all the Berkey Filters brands, Big Berkey is the most popular.

One of the most impressive things about this filter is its versatility. You can use it at home while traveling and even outdoor in case of events. Besides, you can use to purify water that is treated or untreated.

When traveling, most of us buy bottled water or carry our own. The issue with bringing water is that it may spill. Using Big Berkey as you travel means no more spillages. Just fetch water from the lake and filter it in the BK4X2.

Its construction features high-quality steel. Steel is resistant to corrosion which means you will be using Big Berkey for long even when the water in your area has high traces of metals.

The filtration system consists of four Black Berkey purification elements. Due to the complexity of the filtration system, you can be sure that the water that flows through the system is safe for consumption. There are fluoride filters which reduce the level of fluoride to 95%.

It has a 2.25 holding capacity which is substantial and sufficient for most families. BK4X2 filter is capable of producing a maximum of 7 gallons per hour, convenient, right?

The convenience is further seen through the ease of portability. The upper chamber of Big Berkey nests with the lower one. Thus, you can carry it around.

What People Like

  • Simple to install filters
  • Removes odor and bad taste
  • Reduces fluoride level
  • Removes all pathogens in the water

Don't Like So Much

  • Set up takes more time
  • The spout may be flimsy since it is of plastic

Black Berkey Replacement Filters& Fluoride Filters Combo Pack 

Dentists recommend fluoride for strong and healthy teeth. But too much of it is dangerous. The fluoride filters help reduce the fluoride to acceptable levels.

Black Berkey Replacement offers you the versatility. The replacement filters are compatible with Berkey products such as Big Berkey, Travel Berkey, Black Berkey, Crown Berkey, Royal Berkey, Imperial Berkey and Berkey Light.

Filters need regular cleaning to remove the contaminants they trap. Unlike other filtration systems, you don’t have to worry about cleaning this Black Berkey Combo pack. Its filters have self-sterilizing features which makes them easy to clean.

Improve the quality of water you drink to keep you and your family health. Black Berkey Combo Pack filters out many contaminants from the water. It is efficient such that it exceeds the ANSI/NSF and EPA standards by far.

For its effectiveness, it is quite impressive. It purifies the water by removing 99.999% of viruses and 99.999% or bacteria. It filters out chlorine and Volatile Organic Compounds way below detectable limits.

It also removes heavy metals from the water by 95% apart from arsenic which it reduces by 99%, reduces Nitrites by 95%, Thallium by 99.5%, Selenium by 97.5%, and MBAs by 96.67%. More contaminants it filters out include sediments, rust, silt, odor, bad taste, and turbidity.

Black Berkley has fluoride filters which work together with Black Berkey elements, and filter out 95% fluoride from the water. They also minimize the level of MTBE, both Arsenic III and V, and some heavy metal ions.

What People Like

  • Simple to install
  • Filters the water quickly
  • Effective in removing contaminants
  • Compatible with other Berkey Filters

Don't Like So Much

  • The filters may get lose after series of uses
  • It may leak if poorly installed

Berkey PF-2 Fluoride Filter Set

Without question, water is an essential component for the normal functioning of the body. Thus, we have to watch the quality of water we drink.

Black Berkey Purification is the leading gravity dependent water purification system. Independent testing supports its effectiveness. Both EPA and the State certified laboratories have tested the filter set.

Berkey Company invented this product with two PF 2 filters. The P2 Filters are essential because they remove heavy metals such as arsenic v, which may lead to serious health complications. They also filter out pre-oxidized arsenic 3, heavy metal ions and fluoride.

PF-2 Fluoride is durable due to its construction material. Its filters will purify 3000gallons of water before making any replacements, so you get to enjoy using it for a considerably long duration of time. It has a high capacity of holding 3.25 gallons.

It is simple to install the filter set; you screw it in a similar way to other filters. Installation takes minutes at most. Add Berkey PF 2 and enjoy the fast convenience and high-quality filtration.

Every hour, the unit filters between 4 and 8 gallons. The gallon the unit filters depends on the number of filters you use. It can hold four filters, which means if you are using it with four filters; you get 8 gallons each hour, convenient, right?

Berkey Company has all its filters being of stainless steel. Durability is a guarantee because steel is sturdy, robust and resistant to rust or corrosion.

What People Like

  • Supports up to 4 filters
  • Durable and high-quality construction material
  • Filters out heavy metals
  • Removes odor and bad taste

Don't Like So Much

  • The filters are held together by flimsy plastic
  • Some may find it difficult to install

Berkey BK4X2 BB Big Stainless Steel Water Filtration System

One of the things most people hate about water filters is the hassle that comes with cleaning them. BK4X2 BB is effortless to clean because it has an inbuilt sterilizing filter. Durable products give you the best value for your money. Berkey BB features high-quality heavy duty stainless steel. Stainless steel is durable since it is resistant to corrosion and rust. Be sure to get long service using Berkey product.

Due to the massive construction material, it is robust to handle even complex tasks. You can rely on it to filter water in the house and even outside your home.

If it were possible, you would buy a filtration system that removes all contaminants and harmful elements in water, wouldn’t you? BK4X2 removes most pollutants, even the most harmful of all such as Volatile Organic Chemicals which most systems are unable to filter out. Other contaminants it removes include pathogenic bacteria, organic solvents, parasites, cysts and radon 22 just to mention a few.

The filtration system is reliable to lower nitrites, nitrates and even harmful heavy metals such as mercury and lead. It is useful to get rid of food coloring in water without removing healthy minerals.

Berkey BK4X2 is convenient and reliable since it can purify 3.5 gallons of water every hour. It is inclusive of 4 filters which are durable and have a limit of whopping 3000 gallons before need for replacements. The high holding capacity of 2.25 gallons makes it ideal for small households and medium-sized families.

What People Like

  • Large storage capacity
  • Effective to remove food coloring
  • Heavy, durable construction material
  • Simple to clean

Don't Like So Much

  • Does not have a flow meter
  • Lacks independent certification

Berkey Gravity Fed Water Filters

Drinking clean and safe water does not only boost your health, but it also adds a glow to your face and hair. Combine style and functionality to your water filtration system using the Berkey Stainless Filter Stand.

The outstanding feature of this Berkey filter is its rubberized fit. The feet have non-marring and non-marking rubber at the bottom. The rubber ensures the stand bonds to the surface for stability and durability.

Its stand feature high quality polished stainless steel. Stainless steel is robust, durable and the polishing makes it attractive. Each stand is 5 feet tall and enables you to fit a cup or a glass beneath the spigot effortlessly.

Recognizing the various uses of a water filtration system, there are four sizes of the stands.  There is a small size for Travel Berkey, a medium size for Big Berkey, a significant proportion of Royal Berkey and an extra-large size for Crown and Imperial Berkey.

Further versatility is through the compatibility this unit offers. It fits Big Berkey as well as medium-sized gravity filtration systems with an 8.5 inches diameter or less.

The filtration unit is of stainless steel. Stainless steel is robust and resistant to rust and corrosion. Thus, it gives you long-lasting service. It is simple to assemble and can filter water that is treated or even untreated water from the river without worrying about demineralization. Now, you can make the most of rainwater.

What People Like

  • Rubber feet provide stability
  • Stylish and high quality
  • There are different stand sizes to suit your needs
  • It is compatible with other filtration systems

Don't Like So Much

  • Depending on the size of your glass, some may not fit under the spigot
  • The spigot may leak

Big Berkey Filter 2 Gallon System Bundle: 2 Black BB9 Filters, 2 Fluoride PF 2 Filters, 1 Stainless Steel Water Bottle

While the water flowing out of your faucet may look clear, it does not mean it is safe. Some of the contaminants are not visible by the naked eye and may lead to heart conditions. Purifying water is the best alternative and a significant step towards living a healthy life.

You can use this Big Berkey filtration system to remove water contaminants. It removes pathogenic bacteria, parasites, cysts, harmful chemicals such as Volatile Organic Chemicals, Organic solvents, herbicides, trihalomethanes and radon 222.

It is compelling enough to minimize the traces of pollutants such as nitrites, nitrates, heavy metals such as mercury and lead. The unit is robust sufficient to filter out food coloring while still maintaining healthy minerals which the body needs.

Big Berkey Gallon system can hold 2.25 gallons of water that make it ideal for small households or medium size families. Its construction features high quality polished stainless steel. Thus, it is durable.

Enjoy the versatility that comes with this Berkey filtration unit. You can use it at home while traveling and engage in outdoor activities or even for emergencies. It is sturdy and robust enough to filter even untreated water from raw sources such as rivers and stagnant ponds.

This Berkey Gallon system uses BB9 elements which are very useful in purifying the water. EPA and State accredited laboratories have tested the BB9 features, and they have proven to be effective. The PF 2 filters are filters that absorb Arsenic and Fluoride as well as other heavy metal ions from the water.

What People Like

  • Offers versatile uses
  • Absorbs heavy metal ions
  • Durable construction
  • Filters raw water

Don't Like So Much

  • The manual may be complicated for some to understand
  • Installation may be time-consuming

Big Berkey Water Filter System With 2.9-Inch White Ceramic Filters and 2 PF-4- Fluoride Filters 

Children are more active and tend to play throughout the day. As parents, we must keep them comfortable and hydrated. The best way to hydrate them is by giving them high-quality water that has essential nutrients for them to grow.

Big Berkey Ceramic filters us a versatile Berkey water filter. It is ideal for small households or medium sized families. You can use the filtration system in the house, or even carry it along while you travel. It is suitable for unforeseen situations.

The unit is robust and sturdy enough to filter treated water and even purify untreated raw water. Thus, while traveling, you can fetch water from a river or dam, feed it to the filters and drink high-quality, safe water from the spigot.

Regulations and quality standards differ from Country to Country. If you are a travel enthusiast, you may note that sometimes the water in other countries doesn't taste as lovely as you would want it. You can carry the Big Berkey Water filter and filter the water to suit your taste.

Since its filtration depends on gravity, it is ideal for use in areas where there is no immediate electricity access. Its construction material is stainless steel which is high quality, robust and resistant to corrosion and rust.

This filtration system is valid and reliable. It filters out parasites, pathogenic bacteria and harmful chemical pollutants such as herbicides and pesticides. The unit has 2.25-gallon storage capacity.

What People Like

  • Large storing capacity of 2.25 gallons
  • Uses ceramic filters
  • Simple to install and use
  • Durable construction material

Don't Like So Much

  • Not suitable for large households
  • Leaks when the bottom compartment is full

Big Berkey Water Filter 2 Gallon System Bundle: 2 Black BB9 Filters, 2 Fluoride PF 2 Filters, 2 Fluoride PF 2 Filters

If you are a perfectionist and demand the best of everything thing, this water filter is for you. It is a premium Berkey filtration system and offers the best quality water with every use.

Independent testing has been done on the effectiveness of the system by EPA and State certified laboratories. The results indicated the unit to be very useful in removing toxins, chlorine, heavy metals and many more contaminants.

To give you the best quality of water, it purifies water by removing even the most demanding pollutants such as Volatile Organic Chemicals, radon 222, organic solvents. The filtration system is effective in reducing levels of nitrites and nitrates to acceptable levels.

It is energy saving since its functionality depends solely on gravity. Therefore, you can use it in areas with no electricity access. The unit is robust enough to withstand daily use which overall results in an improved healthy lifestyle.

BB9 filters are necessary purification elements which have also undergone rigorous testing by independent institutions. It is also inclusive of PF 2 which are responsible for absorbing arsenic, fluoride and heavy metal ions from the water. These filters attach to the BB9 elements.

The unit is durable and gives you long lasting service. Its design enables the filter to purify 3000 gallons before making any replacements. Since it can hold a dual set of filters, you get to enjoy 6000 gallons using the set before the need for replacement.

You can quickly clean this unit to get rid of the trapped contaminants. The system permits cleaning up to 100 times.

What People Like

  • Simple to clean
  • High quality purified water
  • Effective
  • Durable

Don't Like So Much

  • Takes long to filter
  • Maybe trying to set up

Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter System

Pure water is not only essential for drinking, but it is also ideal for use around the home. Home appliances such as dishwasher need clean water for proper function and durability too.

Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop filters and purifies water. The water that flows out of the spigot is of high quality, clean and safe to drink and use with various appliances. Its construction is of high-quality steel. Steel is robust; it can handle daily uses and is resistant to corrosion and rust. Steel makes the entire housing that is the outer shell for the upper and lower, the spigot and lid.

The purifier elements in the filtration system are sturdy and robust, which makes them stand out against filters in the market. An assessment done on the effectiveness of the unit shows that it is capable of removing 100% microorganisms. Therefore, it is not only a filtration system but a cleanser too.

2 Fluoride filters come with the unit. They serve to reduce the level of fluoride in the water to acceptable levels. The unit reduces the fluoride by 95%. These PF filters have 1000 quarts lifespan, before making any replacements, while every purifier can filter 3000 quarts before replacements.

Each fluoride filter affixed to the stem of the black element. With a holding capacity of 2.25 gallons, it suits best small homes or medium-sized households. It is served best for a maximum of 16 people.

Final Words

Berkey Company offers the best water filters on the market. We have reviewed the ten best Berkey Water Filters, but we cannot decide on the overall best. The best product depends on your needs. That is why you should test your water before buying a water filter system.

Testing your water helps you find the best filtration system to remove the contaminants from the water. Also, consider your household`s drinking demands since different units are of different sizes.

Lastly, bear in mind the space in your home and buy a model that will adequately fit. Boost your health and keep your family safe using a Berkey Water Filter System.

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