10 Best Faucet Water Filters – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2018)

Is it hard for you to put up with the odor or taste of tap water? You can enjoy drinking great tasting water if you have the best faucet water filter. A faucet water filter is a straightforward, convenient and safe method to filter water.

It filters trace minerals as well as unwanted materials in water. Some of the traces it filters out are limescale, fluoride, chloride, lead and mercury. Faucet water filters are simple to install, economical and easy to maintain.

If you don`t have a source of natural spring water, you understand why it is necessary to buy bottled water. Faucet water filters are the best replacement for bottled water. They work by absorbing or neutralizing contaminants and heavy toxic metals such as mercury. After filtration, you get bottle quality water which is safe and tasty.

Ten Best Faucet Water Filter Reviews

To avoid confusion and wrong purchases, I have included some top reviews of faucet water filters that you can install at home.

PUR PFM 400H Horizontal Filtration Mineral

How old is the house you live? An old house has old pipelines. Old pipelines tend to have corrosions, and some even have leakages. You can never be too sure that the tap water is safe to drink. PUR 400H is a certified water filter and removes more than 70 contaminants. All PUR faucet filters have certifications to extract the most pollutants than all other products.

Are you in an area with high lead traces? PFM 400H is also for you. It can remove 99% traces of lead, 96% mercury from water, and has a 92% removal of pesticides. The high percentages are impressive which is why it is at the top of our list. After the filtration, you will find that your water tastes and smells better, thanks to the activated carbon in the filtration system.

It is effortless to install the PFM 400H and is versatile enough to suit many kitchen sinks. For usability, it has a 360-degree rotation which implies it has a perfect fit for faucets that have odd shapes.

PUR 400H has an inbuilt filter life indicator. The indicator has been upgraded and so has the battery life been improved by as much as 60%. There is a three-light system; the green light shows the normal functioning of the filter, and also sends a warning that you need to change the filters soon.

Among the upgrades, it has a new leak-proof connector as well as an improved grip. Using it gives you 100 gallons of clean water before the need for replacement.

What People Like

  • Simple to install
  • Removes more than 70 contaminants
  • The resulting water is fresh and tasty
  • Indicators to signal filter change

Don't Like So Much

  • Does not work with pull out taps
  • Not ideal for daily use

Culligan FM 25 Faucet Advanced Filtration

If the tap water around your home is dirty and unhygienic, you will consider buying bottled water. Are you tired of buying mineral water all the time? There is a cheaper alternative. Add Culligan FM 25 to your kitchenware; install it to your tap love every sip of your tap water.

 It is stylish and has an appealing design that adds glamor to your kitchen. You can maintain the stylishness of your kitchen by installing it to the left or right side of the faucet to suit the layout.

Comparing Culligan 25 with other products in the market, it is the most compact faucet filter. Thus, it is less bulky than filters from other brands. Get to remove a wide range of minerals, odor and bad taste using it.

There is no need for customization to make the Culligan FM 25 fit. It has a design that makes it perfectly fit your faucets. Two adaptors come with the filter which enables it to fit simple taps. The installation process is simple.

After installation, you get to enjoy every gulp of tap water. Using it gives you 200 gallons of clear and safe water before making any replacements. The water will be free of any trace elements or minerals such as chlorine taste, lead, sediment and even odor.

Each FM 25 cartridge works to purify 200 gallons of water, after which their efficiency reduces. However, you can change the cartridge very quickly.

What People Like

  • No tools needed to change the cartridge
  • Simple installation process and simple to make replacements
  • Durable cartridges
  • Cost-effective, and convenient

Don't Like So Much

  • Some faucets need adaptors to fit
  • Does not fit pull out or won faucets

PUR Advanced Faucet Filter FM 3700B

Most of the time, we have to buy the best products that are within our budget limit. PUR FM 3700 B gives you the best value for your money. It is ideal for a small household looking to drink clean and safe water within a budget.

The whole idea of getting a water filter is to make tap water fresh and tastier than before. PUR advanced offers these since it filters minerals from the water. Your tap water will be crispy and refreshing.

PUR is an advanced product, which means it is highly effective. It has certifications for removing 99% lead traces and 96% mercury traces, and many more contaminants. It has a new and enhanced metal adapter to filter the materials better than the previous version.

Still, on the advancement features, it has a distinctive formulation method that blends carbon as well as ion exchange materials to ensure maximum contaminant reduction. On its uniqueness, it has its filters made of coconut shells that undergo rigorous heat treatment using steam.

Heat treatment produces pores in every grain of carbon. The pores then create tiny spaces and tunnels which trap and absorb contaminants in the water. Among the elements which the filter removes are traces of pharmaceuticals.

Did you know that the human body is 60% of water which all systems look upon for the body to properly function? Drinking clean and safe water is ideal for the body and the environment too. No more bottles in the garbage bins or streets.

What People Like

  • Simple installation procedure
  • High quality
  • Easy to operate and replace filters
  • Ideal design

Don't Like So Much

  • Not sturdy due to the plastic construction
  • Does not filter hot water

PUR RF 9999 Mineral Clear Faucet Replacement 

Filtering water significantly reduces the risk of various cancer conditions such as rectal, colon and bladder cancer. Removing water contaminants, for example, chlorine traces and its byproducts eliminates the cause of the tumors. Make a one-time purchase and invest in your health.

The best thing about PUR RF 9999 is the simplicity of changing replacement filters. It is compatible with any PUR faucet filtration filters.  Using this PUR product filters 100 gallons of safe and clean water. 100 gallons is enough to last you three months. Its installation process is simple.

Its construction is inclusive of MAXION filter technology. Thus, the filter is capable and removes more than 70 contaminants. Its MineralClear design makes it competitive as it filters natural minerals. After filtration, the water will have a refreshing taste.

Still, in the filtration process, its filter is a premium triple action one which has certifications. It has certifications for reducing chlorine and heavy metal traces such as mercury (96%), microbial cysts and lead (99%). The certifications are also for reduction of chemicals such as pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, and pesticides.

PUR water filters feature activated carbon. The carbon absorbs contaminants in the water such as organic compounds and pollutants.  Carbon filters originate from coconut shells. It is inclusive of LED lights which signal when the filters need replacement. Test the effectiveness of the filter by taking water directly from the faucet, then from the filter or vice versa and taste the difference.

What People Like

  • Very useful for heavy metals and chemicals
  • Has LED lights
  • Simple to install and replace filters
  • High quality

Don't Like So Much

  • It may turn to be a slow drip after numerous uses
  • Puts some cloudy stuff to the water

PUR Faucet Mount Replacement Filter

Stressed about stained kitchenware? Don’t stress. You don’t have to worry about those stains on your glasses, cutlery anymore. Get yourself a faucet water filter and watch your kitchen transform.

PUR Faucet is among the range of PUR water filters that help remove simple elements, sediments, and even heavy metals fro, tap water. It is inclusive of three filters that have a patent MineralClear technology, which is among the best techniques in the market.

It is versatile because it is compatible with any available PUR Faucet filtering system. Using it gives you service for three months before any replacements. Within these three months, your tap water will taste crispy, smell better and smell fresh.

Featuring MAXION filter technology adds to the effectiveness of the PUR replacement filter. It can absorb and remove more than 70 contaminants. Your water will be safe to drink after installing the filter to your tap. The installation process is a breeze and takes minutes at most.

Similar to other PUR products, its filtration system consists of activated carbon. The carbon is what absorbs elements and contaminants such as organic compounds, pharmaceuticals, and pollutants.

There are LED lights. The green light shows the proper functioning of the filter while the red light indicates the need for replacing the water filters.

Before needing any replacements, the PUR faucet will filter 400 gallons of water. These gallons are enough to last you between four and six months depending on your usage. Making the replacements is simple.

What People Like

  • Inclusive of LED lights
  • Simple installation procedures
  • Durable
  • Compatible with other PUR products

Don't Like So Much

  • It may be challenging to fill bottles using this filter if your faucet is low
  • Depending on the use, it may clog quickly

Brita Chrome Filtration Standard Faucets

Do you know that using a water filter minimizes the risk of contracting gastrointestinal diseases by higher than 80%? It reduces this by getting rid of e-Coli bacteria by eliminating microbial cysts, giardia, and cryptosporidium from tap water.

We use water to do almost everything in the kitchen. We drink it; use it to clean, bake and cook. Filtering water makes it safe for use and also improves its taste. Therefore, using filtered water to cool, make ice cubes, to brew, adds flavor.

Most of us have pets for company for example cats and have dogs for protection. You have to take of them and reduce trips to the veterinary officers. Giving them clean and pure water makes them happy, and you get rewarded with additional wags and purrs.

If there is a lawn or garden, you need to care for it. Just like us, plants need clean water that has nutrients to flourish. Watch the floor bloom and your lawn turn green to make the compound more colorful.

As parents, we must give our children the best we can. Children have to play to grow, and it is essential to keep them hydrated as they play. What better way to hydrate them than giving them water which has undergone filtration from the Brita on Chrome faucet filter?

Brita offers versatility through the range of products it avails to the market. Choose one that suits you best.

What People Like

  • Adds a fresh taste to the water
  • Simple to switch from filtering to tap water
  • Easy to replace the filters
  • The filter has a 360 degree rotation

Don't Like So Much

  • Some may find it difficult to install
  • The LED lights may be faulty

PUR FM 3333 Classic Vertical Filtration

Are you in an area that has heavy metals? Just because water is clear does not mean it is safe to drink. Lead is a hazardous heavy metal which may be in tap water, and it has adverse effects on your health. Adding PUR FM 3333 to your home eliminates all traces of lead.

No space? Don't worry. FM 3333 has a sleek, simple contact design. It comprises of ABS which is a safe and certified material. There are two outlets from which the water may come out through. The filter cartridge where the purified water comes out through or a widespread faucet from which unfiltered water comes out through.

The main stronghold of this filtration system is its effectiveness. It has a 99% certification to filter lead out of the tap water. Also, it is certified to remove 96% of mercury from water. With this high percentage certification, you can be sure PUR FM 3333 is nothing but the best faucet filter for heavy metals.

PUR FM 3333 suits best heavy metals, but it also removes simple trace elements such as chlorine and other small sediments. Also, it removes 70 more contaminants from water. It also eliminates odor and bad taste from the water thus the water that flows from the filter is clean, clear, safe, fresh and tasty.

Installing this faucet filter is effortless. Connecting the filter to the tap and taking it off takes minutes. Thus, it is convenient to take off when need be. The filtration system is of high-quality material which ascertains its durability.

What People Like

  • Highly effective
  • Simple to install
  • Compact design
  • The best option for heavy metals

Don't Like So Much

  • Its housing is of plastic which may break
  • It may leak after several uses

Filter Drinking Purifier Kitchen

We occasionally drink water to hydrate our bodies. What you might not know is that having a water filtration system helps boost your body defense against more than 2100 toxins which are known to be present in tap water. A small price to pay for your health, right?

Faucet Filter is a tap water filter that gives you100 gallons. The 100 gallons are enough to last between two and three months, depending on your use before making any replacements. The filter material is of high quality and has several layers.

The first layer is a ceramic wall, which is the outer layer and traps the massive particle. It is useful to filter out significant elements such as floating objects, red worms, rust, scale sediments, bacteria and even residual chlorine.

The second layer is sintered activated carbon absorbs trace elements of substances such as chlorine, organics phenol and reduces odor. KDF helps remove heavy metals like lead and mercury, and then the water passes through a cleaning media. KDF is certified by WQA and NSF and is among the most reliable filtration material.

With such a complex, high-quality filtration system, it is very active. In fact, it has certifications to remove lead by 99%, mercury by 96% and some pesticides by 92% not to mention 70 other contaminants.

If this is your first time getting a faucet filter, it will be simple to install since it comes with a comprehensive manual. It also comes with connectors and a waterproof pad.

What People Like

  • Highly effective and filters even heavy metals
  • It has a 360-degree rotation
  • High-quality construction
  • Contains a cartridge

Don't Like So Much

  • May not be compatible with some cartridges
  • It isn’t compatible with a dishwasher hookup

Wingsol Healthy Faucet Filter

When mineral water flows through your tap, there is little you can do to avoid corrosion and clogging. It is where the Wingsol Faucet filter comes in. The Wingsol Faucet Filter removes single contaminant such as chlorine and even mixed hazardous metals such as lead and arsenic. Using it gives you high quality, fresh and tasty water from your tap.

Its filter housing is of stainless steel (304) which is of high quality. There are five filters; the first traps large particles, the second removes traces of simple elements such as chlorine, the third and fourth remove heavy components as well as reduce bacteria in the water while the fifth improves the taste and smell of the water.

Compared to the various faucet filters in the market, this Wings product is more sturdy and substantial than most products. Also, it is more robust than those faucet filters which feature plastic construction material. It is robust and sturdy, and of the best quality, thus, it is durable since it is resistant to leaking or cracking.

It has a simple, sleek and straightforward design. Therefore, it is elegant and compact which makes it space saving. You can place it over a sink that is large and deep. It is also ideal for faucets that are short, low or even small.

On delivery, there are three connectors as well as a manual. The comprehensive manual has installation guides to take you through.  Installing it is a simple process that will take 5 minutes at most.

What People Like

  • Easy to install
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Removes both simple traces and heavy metals
  • Sturdy and robust
  • A stable flow of water

Don't Like So Much

  • Some may find it difficult to replace filters
  • The filters are defective

Brita Faucet Filtration Standard Faucets 

When you drink clean water, you protect your body from illness. Therefore, you remain healthy and robust. Besides, it is imperative for children to drink pure water because it strengthens their immune system.

Brita faucet filtration is an elementary and convenient system. First, you can easily install it and make filter replacements. Second, you get tasty and fresh water direct from the tap. Third, it is convenient because its filter design is compatible with all Brita filtration system models.

You get a filtration system to remove the contaminants from tap water as much as possible. Enjoy the effectiveness of the Brita Faucet Filter. Its filter material is BPA free that makes it safe. It highly removes impurities and heavy metals such as lead by 99%, and even chlorine which causes the bad taste and smell in tap water.

Inclusive of a filter indicator to let you know when it is time to change the filters. The indicator shows the normal functioning of the system and also alerts you for replacements. You don't have to keep checking whether the filters work fine.

Each Brita Faucet Filter offers you 100 gallons of filtered water. Thus, it reduces waste because 100 gallons is equivalent to 750 standard mineral water bottles. Note that Brita Faucets only fit standard faucets. They are not ideal for spray style or pull-out faucets. Using it gives you filtered water that us tasty, safe for drinking and cooking. Keep your family safe.

What People Like

  • Simple to install
  • Convenient and reduces waste
  • Compatible with other Brita filters
  • Effective even for heavy metals

Don't Like So Much

  • It may be difficult to switch between filtered water to tap water
  • Design needs improvement to reduce leaks around the nozzle

Final Words

The government has to provide its citizens with water; it is its duty. However, the quality of water that flows through our tap isn't the best for our health both in the short and long term. Tap water has many contaminants especially if you live in a polluted area.

The pollutants can be chlorine, pesticides, organic compounds, or even heavy metals such as lead and mercury. Given that water is an essential component of our bodies and wellbeing, we need to ensure we drink clean, safe and fresh water. Get yourself any of the best faucet filters that suit your needs from our list above and keep you and your family healthy.

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