Best Fruit Infused Water Bottle and Pitcher Review

Nutritionists, doctors, health and beauty magazines recommend drinking water regularly. However, since water is tasteless, most of us wait till we are thirsty to drink water. Infuser water bottles are the solution.

Infusing water bottles are become popular for good reasons. They enable you slice vegetables and fruits into the bottle, after which you add water to create natural and healthy drinking water. The water will be tasteful, with minerals and vitamins essential for your body.

Previously, infuser bottles were used in the gym, but they are slowly finding their way to regular day use. Therefore, let us find out the five best infuser water bottles currently in the market.

Reviews of the Five Best Infusion Water Bottles 

Infusion water bottles appear like regular water bottles, only that they have an additional extra area to infuse the fruits. They have become popular in people especially women who are aiming to lose weight. Water infused with fruits is healthy and tasty; thus eliminate need for buying flavored water.

Infusion Pro Premium Fruit Infused Water Bottle

If you are a work-out enthusiast, you may have noticed that your body tends to be dehydrated after an intense work out session. After a busy day, you are likely to be dehydrated. Instead of opting for healthy solutions, many tend to buy aerated drinks which contain a lot of unwanted calories and sugar.

You can solve this by owning an infusion water bottle. Fruit infused water is free of calories, and offers energy since it contains minerals, vitamins and even antioxidants. So, you will be doing more than just quenching thirst.

Infusion Pro us a nice infuser water bottle that has a 24 ounces capacity (700ml). it is the ideal pick for anyone looking to buy a small compact container. As you can tell from the capacity, it is a little thinner than competing products. This is however an advantage since it makes the bottle easy to hold in your hand. Furthermore, it fits in majority of the car cup holders.

For most bottles, water clogs from the opener when drinking, Infusion Pro stands out because it has a filter to prevent the clogging which enables you drink water without interruptions. Besides, the filter keeps the ice and fruits away from the opener.

Buying this bottle means no more worries about water condensation.  Usually, condensation increases the temperature of the water fast which makes the water warm up. As a result, there is sweat that accumulated on the exterior of the bottle.

However, Infusion Pro has a nice high quality neoprene insulation sleeve. The sleeves ensure the water remains cold for as long as possible. That way, there will be no water sweat on the outer side of the bottle.

The bottle has dual side openings. One at the bottom and the other at the top surface; therefore, it is effortless to clean it. Furthermore, it is dishwasher safe thus; you can save time that you would have spent tending to it. Instead, you can place it with other items in the dishwasher which is convenient.

Its construction features BPA free material, Tritan Plastic which is eco-friendly and durable. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the effects of plastic to your health. Tritan plastic is also shatterproof which makes the bottle durable.

At the bottom of the bottle, there is a fruit infuser compartment which keeps the fruits and ice in contact with the water. Placing the fruit infuser compartment at the bottom ensure the fruits remain submerged in the water till you consume the last drop. 

It is versatile because you can detach the infuser compartment when there are no fruits or when you prefer drinking plain water. The infuser container is small, since the bottle is small, which means you need to cut the fruits in smaller pieces. Think of it as an advantage because it means the water will be tastier.

When the bottle is not in use and you are looking to store it, consider storing it in the case. The bottle comes with a case that ensures safe storage of the bottle.

 It is important to ensure the bottle remains clean and the bottle is free of BPA plastic. We recommend you choose one that has an ergonomic design. It makes the bottle comfortable to use and prevents accidental slippage. Also go for one that has sleeves to prevent condensation. Infusion water bottles will help you achieve the highest level of fitness.

What People Like

  • The lids have rubber gaskets to prevent leaking
  • Sweat proof design and bottom up infusion
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Detachable fruit compartment

Don't Like So Much

  • It may rust with time, so ensure it is clean and dry when storing it
  • The lid may be too high for some, hence hinder direct drinking

AVOIN Colorlife 27oz. Sport Tritan Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Fruit infused water increases your body`s metabolism since it has many proactive elements as well as fruit vitamins. That way, it is an effective weight loss strategy. Drinking fruit water will also maintain high energy levels in your body without adding calories.

Consuming fruits infused water enables you stay energetic throughout the day; especially when taken in regular intervals. It can do this because the body needs frequent hydration for optimal function. Therefore, consider adding citrus fruits.

Do you need the best workout water bottle? Then you search ends here with the AVION infuser water bottle. This is because you can use the bottle to make natural flavored juice; it has a removable infuser, and is comfortable to carry even when hiking.

First, let us introduce the brand. AVION colorlife has been offering products in the market since 2011. It may be a short time, but they have been able to win millions of customers and their products have been receiving impressive reviews. This is proof that the products are of high quality.

To ensure you get the best quality, AVION Colorlife use recent technology as well as advanced manufacturing techniques. They use the best materials in the market and ensure the water bottles are designed to meet your needs.

The first thing you see when you look at the bottle is its great design. It gets better because its design enables detaching the fruit infuser. This way, the AVION bottle is ideal for sports, gym, camping, and travel or even in the office.

If you are using an infuser bottle for the first time, it is probably because you are tired of the high calories in aerated drinks, and the cost. Use the AVION infuser bottle, and save money since the bottle is recyclable, reusable and even carbonated water friendly. Furthermore, you enjoy less calories thus it is a healthy and cost friendly option than soft drinks and beverages.

Most of the bottles are of plastic. However, BPA is a common material in plastic bottles, and tends to have hazardous effects on the users health. AVION colorlife bottle is from high quality Tritan which is ecofriendly. Tritan is free of BPA that means you stay healthy all the way. Also, Tritan is shatterproof, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping the bottle.

AVION has a 27 ounces capacity or 800ml, which is enough for the day. Two refills are enough to ensure you drink the recommended amount of water per day. Refilling is simple because the bottle has a wide neck. The size makes it fit the car cup holder as well as bike bottle cag which makes it convenient. Further convenience is because this infuser bottle is simple to clean and dishwasher safe if in the top rack.

It gets better because unlike most, AVION is capable of enduring subfreezing temperatures to boiling.  You shouldn’t have leaking concerns when using this bottle because it has the best quality of silicone gaskets.

The gaskets are food grade and ensure not even a single drop leaks, which is a common issue with water bottles in the market. Moreover, it has a unique flip top lid to prevent spilling.

What People Like

  • Simple to refill
  • Fits in car holders
  • Ideal for extreme temperatures
  • Leak proof

Don't Like So Much

  • The big holes can make the fruits slip
  • Some people complain the lid gets stuck

Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water bottle

How do you add flavor to water? Simply by using an infusion water bottle when on a diet, you will probably have cravings for unhealthy aerated rinks that are full of calories. So, you will need something tasty and healthy to prevent you reaching for soft drinks.

At this time, you should prepare fruit water using different vegetables and fruits such as cucumber, grapes kiwi, pineapples, blue berries, to get great mixed flavors. Stay healthy all the way.

Hydracy is a large bottle that has a 32 ounces capacity. The large capacity is ideal for anyone who has set goals to keep their body hydrated. It has a complete length infuser container which means more flavor for your water.

The infuser compartment screws to the top of the cap, and is spacious enough to accommodate many fruits. Being a full infuser, you don’t have to worry about floating fruits when drinking your water.

It has a very simple design and the fruits are visible since the bottle is clear. Hydracy features Eastman Tritan plastic which is ecofriendly and BPA free; thus there will be no effects on your health.

Most bottles in the market fail to have an anti-condensation mechanism, but not the Hydracy Fruit infuser. On the exterior it has an outer sleeve which prevents condensation and helps keep your drink cool for long.

Hydracy 32 oz. features an ergonomic design which makes it comfortable to hold for long. It has special fitted grips at the sides to ensure the bottle does not slip from your hand.

It keeps getting better. On purchase, the infuser bottle comes with an eBook. The book is a starter guide which is inclusive of recipes you will want to try. The bottle features high quality construction material which makes it appear sturdy and robust.

Furthermore, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

For ease of portability, the bottle has a considerably small carry handle. This handle attaches to the cap and you can hold on to when jogging, hiking or even in the office. It makes it simple to carry the bottle alongside other things. Furthermore, the lid has a metal latch to offer better closure, which also prevents soiling.

Still on the lid, the lid has a button which you push to open. Hence it is quick and simple to use especially when in outdoor activities or in the gym. Its size makes it perfectly fit car holders hence convenient.

The bottle is in four sections; the bottle, infuser basket, strainer where the infuser screws into and a lid which has a nice accurate fit. It comes in a nice presentable wrapping thus you can buy it for someone as a gift.

Hydracy infuser water bottle is the best pick for someone who wants to change their lifestyle or someone who works in areas without instant water supply. Due to the large capacity, taking infused water frequently will help regulate your blood sugar levels and even increase metabolism.

What People Like

  • Large capacity makes it ideal for someone looking to stay hydrated
  • Lid push button makes it simple to use
  • The fruit infuser is large hence allows many fruits
  • Durable and sturdy construction material

Don't Like So Much

  • The outer sleeve isn’t effective and its tiny carry handle doesn’t feel secure
  • Some find it difficult to detach or screw back the fruit compartment 

LA Organics Fruit Infuser Water bottle 

When buying an infusion water bottle, among the factors to consider should be the bottles ergonomic design and appearance. Always choose a bottle with an attractive deisgn. It should be ergonomic; thus comfortable to hold and steady. Vibrant colors tend to lighten your mood and make you feel better.

LA Organics fruit infuser is a hot deal in the market. It hangs on the lower price end and its construction material is BPA free, thus suitable for your health. Also being made from BPA free material means long water infusion time without having to worry about harmful chemicals in the water.

This infuser bottle is made of Eastman Tritan Plastic. Despite being BPA free, it is also ecofriendly. Hence, the bottle is ideal for environmental enthusiasts. Furthermore, it has a flip top which makes the bottle simple to use. it also has a metal ring handle to prevent leaking.

The bottle is ideal for versatile uses; in the gym, fitness training, outdoor activities and in the office. It has a nice deisgn and comes with a twist style drinking cup. Unlike other infusers, cleaning this one is a breeze. However, if you prefer using a dishwasher, good news, the LA organics is dishwasher safe. 

With this infusion bottle, you don’t have to worry about buying aerated drinks or flavored water. Therefore, you get to save money. To ensure your water gets a strong flavor and retains it, it uses high technology infuser design.

LA Organic bottle has a 28 ounces capacity. Two fills are enough to take you through the day while drinking the recommended amount of water. Its infuser water bottle is large and spacious enough to allow large fruits into the compartment.

The fruits section is detachable, which makes it double up as a water bottle. Therefore, it suits the gym, makes it a travel tumbler and a camping water bottle. Manufacturers of the bottle always ensure their bottles have an insulative cover; hence you don’t have to worry about condensation or sweating.

From our pick of the five best infusion bottle, LA Organic stands out because you can use it with tea, alongside vegetables and fruits. Not all bottles support tea. Furthermore it is leak proof no matter how you hold the bottle, which is impressive. Similar to the Hydracy, it comes with a recipe book. It is time to be a mixology master!

Manufacturers of this infuser water bottle are confident in their products and abilities; thus the bottle comes with a life time guarantee. In the event that you need replacements or when the bottle accidentally breaks, the company needs you to notify them and get another bottle at your address.

What People Like

  • Flavors water quickly
  • Affordable price
  • Leak proof and has insulation against sweating
  • Spacious fruit compartment which is detachable

Don't Like So Much

  • Has a basic design which is not attractive
  • The top is a screw top design which most people are uncomfortable with and would rather quick way to drink their water.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle with straw

Among the reasons why infuser water bottles are becoming popular is because they are handy and offer a lot of benefits. Also, they boost your health by increasing the water intake. If you read nutritional articles, you get to read about fruits which have high calories which should be avoided.

Infuser water bottles offer a solution by mixing the fruit with the water, to reduce the sugar levels. Infused water is also a detox that will help remove toxins from the water. It is the ideal solution for anyone in intermittent fasting.

Flavoring water has never been easier. Using this Fruit Infuser from D`Eco, you just need to remove the bottle`s lid, add water, remove the infusion chambers, insert your cut fruits or vegetables, screw it back, and that’s it!

It is small and has a 20 oz. capacity, making it ideal for use by children. It is your role as a parent to ensure that your child remains hydrated when playing. Add this to his/her back pack. With its compact size, it fits the car cup holder perfectly.

Now, you can save money that you would have otherwise spent on aerate drinks, or flavored drinks. The bottle is reusable, and recyclable, which makes it convenient and eco-friendly.

You may have read about how plastic (BPA) is hazardous to your health in the long term. When the plastic comes in contact with the water, especially under high temperatures, it contaminates the water and may result to adverse effects on your health. To avoid these effects, the material is made of BPA free material.

Infuser water bottle is simple to use and comfortable to hold. The infusion strainer is detachable, which enables the user add fruits or not. Therefore, you can use the infuser bottle as a water bottle, and carry it along to the gym, hiking and other outdoor activities.

The major issue with infuser and water bottles in the market is that most of them leak. Now that you don’t want to end up airing your bag and drying whatever was your bag, consider getting this Infuser Infusion bottle. It has a leak proof lid which makes it convenient.

For ease of use, it has a button lock which also makes the bottle secure and prevent leaking. The bottle is easy to carry around due to the handle which you can attach to your bag, keys, gear and virtually anything that you have on you on that particular day.

Most infusion water bottles in the market have spillage issues. Some of them have a wide mouth which results to spillage. Infuser water bottle comes with straws that make it simple to sip the water even in the office as you carry on with your work. The bottle comes in three colors from which you can choose from.

Infuser water bottle is the best hydration companion for anyone seeking to live a healthy lifestyle. You can now add your desirable flavor to your water and keep drinking. Enjoy taking your flavored water with one hand and get to experience health and wellness.

What People Like

  • Leak proof lid
  • Has a button lock further prevents leaking
  • BPA free material and comes with a straw
  • Ideal for children due to the 20 oz. capacity

Don't Like So Much

  • May leak after using it for a long time
  • Lacks an ergonomic design

Final Words 

We have completed our reviews for the five best infuser water bottles. But how exactly do you know which among the five will suit your needs best? Always consider the ease of use. The bottle`s design should be one that suits your drinking preference best e.g. using a straw.

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