How Long Can Dogs Go Without Water

There is a saying that water is another name of life and this concept is 100% true. Human being can’t live without water and the same goes true for your doggy as well. In fact they need more water than us. If you have a dog and you are worried that if the dog is getting enough water, just examine the pee color. If the color of the pee is bit yellowish then your dog needs more water. And if the pee color is normal and clean, your dog is getting right amount of fluid.

As a thumb rule, you should make your dog drink double amount of water of the food. When the dog does not drink needed amount of water it may cause dehydration among them. Some of the symptoms of dehydration include dry mouth, loss of appetite, and lethargy.

How long dogs can go without water 

Water is highly needed by the dogs. But, in case your dog refuses to drink water, then what should be done? And for how long they can survive without drinking water. Normally, a dog can live without water for 2-3 days. But, it again depends on several factors and those are listed below.

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    The dog’s breed- It completely depends on the type of dog you have.
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    Weather condition- Another factor on which dog’s water consumption depends is the weather condition. A dog needs more water during summer while they can survive more days without water during the winter season.
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    Age- Puppies can go without water for long than the dog.
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    Health- Health condition too plays an important role here. A healthy dog can go longer without water while an ill dog can’t go without water even for a single day.

Reasons to refuse drink 

When a dog is in good health condition, he or she drink enough amount of water and eat all kinds of food. But in case they leave drinking water or refuse all other food, then there is something wrong definitely. While there might be various reasons to refuse drink or eat by the dog and puppy, the most common reasons are stated here.

Illness- The first reason why a dog refuses to drink is their sickness. Wait for two days and if your dog still remains same, he refuses to drink or eat, it’s better to consult a vet.

New surrounding- Another reason why a dog or puppy refuse everything such as food and drink is the new surroundings. When we bring a dog home for the first time, the new surroundings, family members and environment make them nervous. So, they do not drink water or do not eat food. But wait for just couple of days and they will become normal.

How much water a dog needs 

Stated above that the dog’s body is made of up of 80% water and this indicates clearly that how important water is to them to survive. Always ensure that your dog has access to clean and cool water. Even though you are out of the house, their water bowl should be filled with water. According to a study, every dog should drink 1 ounce of water for one pound body weight every day. For example, if your dog’s weight is 25 pounds, he should drink 25 ounces water every day. Anyways, dogs get water from their food as well. The dry foods contain 3-10% of water while the semi-moist food contains 25-35% water.

In case your dog consumes less water, teach them the word drink and instruct them to drink water after each meal. A dog can be trained on this properly through the conditioning training. This kind of training will also help them to behave in a very positive manner.

In case you find that your dog is not drinking enough water, read below the tips to make your dog drink more amount of water.

Tips to make them drink 

  1. Ensure your dog has access to clean and fresh water. It will enhance their thirst automatically. Change the water very frequently.
  2. You can invest in a good water bowl. Heyrex Torus Water bowl for dog is one such very good water bowl that keeps the water clean, fresh and cool. It helps the dog drink more amount of water easily.
  3. Also you can get a water fountain for dog at home. This is a very good idea to make your dog drink enough amount of water. Actually running water is more tempting to them than the water in a bowl. And this trick has helped many till date. So you too can try this tip.
  4. Take your dog out every day and allow them to move here and there at the home. The more they move around, the more they will stay active. And an active dog always pees more, eat more and drink enough water.
  5. Carry water for your dog always with you. Whether you are going to the park or else you are just out for a walk with your dog, never forget to carry water for the dog.
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