How Long Does It Take For Water To Boil?

When it comes to boiling water, it is perhaps one of the oldest and safest techniques to purify the contaminated water. When you go camping, or live in a locality where water supply is not clean, you can use boiling method to purify the water and use it for drinking purpose. There is no doubt, boiled water is good for your health as it removes all the contaminants from the regular water, but do you know how long you will have to boil the water in order to bring it into drinkable state.

When it comes to understanding the meaning of boiling, it means that water is transforming from liquid to gas. At places higher places, the water can reach the boiling point at the same temperature that human body can tolerate. Basically, there are a few factors that affect how long will it take for water to boil properly.

Factors that affecting the Boiling Point of water

Atmospheric Pressure

At lower altitudes, it takes higher temperature to boil water and as the elevation rises, the boiling point of water starts coming down.

Impurities in water

Contaminants and other substances that are dissolved in water also affect how much time will be needed to boil the water. It depends upon how long it will take impurities to start boiling along with the water.

Methods to Boil Water

Boiling method and purpose also decides how long will it take to boil the water.

1. Boiling Water for Food preparation

Pick a container with cover, as it will help in reaching the boiling point in a quicker way. In addition, if you choose larger container, then it will take longer.

Now fill the container with tap water and do not fill it completely, keep some space at the top in case you want to boil some food article with water. You can also add salt if you want. It will not make any effect on boiling point.Put the container on stove to boil. Keep the heat full and cover the container with cover.

Also do not forget, that depending on what you are cooking, you might have to boil either at low, medium or full heat.

Then add the food in water. It will depend on the recipe you are making. You might have to add food in cold water before it starts boiling or you might have to add food once water starts boiling. Then you might have to use, simmer, medium or full heat. In addition, whether you are cooking with cover or without it, all these things affect the boiling of water.

2. Boiling water to Purify Water

Boiling will clean the water from all impurities. It is better to filter the water to remove dirt before boiling.

Place the container filled with water on stove and let the water boil quickly with lots of bubbling. It will eradicate all the harmful microbes from water.

Continue boiling for at least 2 to 4 or 5 minutes.

After turning off the heat, let the water cool down and then keep it in clean and sealed containers. Water might taste a bit bland.

3. Microwave Water Boiling

Pick a microwave bowl, and fill it with some water. Keep some space at the top. 

Now put any microwave safe object in the water like a wooden spoon, or chopstick. It will help with the bubbles. You can also add one spoon of salt or sugar if do not mind adding taste to water.

Place the container in microwave and heat it in intervals. Also read the microwave manual on how to heat water. You can also heat it for 1 minute at every interval and stir it at every interval. When it is too hot and steam is rising fast, means it is boiled. The time taken will depend on power of your microwave and quantity of water.

Therefore, the time for boiling water depends on what is the quantity and quality of water and what method you are using to boil it.

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