How Long Does It Take Water To Freeze?

When it comes to freezing water in your home, the most basic idea is to fill the ice tray and put it in the freezer. While it may look like you know everything there is known about freezing water, you might yet know how many things can be done to freeze the water faster and more competently.


Why does water freezes?

The temperature at which the water freezes is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. It occurs because of the nature of water molecules. When the temperature of the water goes up, those molecules move faster and when the temperature goes down, they begin to move slowly. When the water is boiled and temperature goes to 100 degree Celsius, the molecules begin to heat up, and water molecules moves so fast that they begin to evaporate in the air. On other hand, when water temperature goes down to 0 degree Celsius, the water molecules get very cold. They begin to slow down and stick to each other, hence, creating a hard crystal.

Method To Freeze Water

Now how long does it take to freeze water also depends on its freezing method and purity of water. So let’s see the different ways you can freeze water:

Freezing Water Instantly

1.  First, change the temperature of freezer to -24°C or -11°F. It can take more than a few hours for temperature to come into effect, if your freezer was already not adjusted at that temperature.

2. Now fill two bottles with water and put them in your freezer for 165 minutes. Then check after that and if water is still not frozen, check the temperature again and try again. Give the water bottle a firm shake and put them again to turn into ice.

Freezing Water More Proficiently

1. Take purified water, you can either use packaged bottled water, you can boiled water, or you can use water from filter system like RO. 

2.  Take the ice tray or a cookie sheet to fill them with purified water. The increased surface area will reduce the length of time it will take to freeze the water. However, before filling the tray with water, keep the empty tray in freezer for some time to chill them. It will help freeze the water in a quicker way.

3. You can also use metal trays like copper tray to freeze the water as it freezes the water faster than the plastic ones.

4. Now you can boil the water before freezing. It is known as the Mpemba effect. It says that  boiled water can freeze quicker than the regular cold water.

5. Upsurge the temperature of your freezer. If you do it a few hours before putting water trays in freezer, it will help in freezing the water in a quicker way. Then put the trays in freezer, and in a few hours, water will freeze. Do not open the freezer every so often.

Basic Freezing Procedure

1. First, fill a vessel like plastic bottle or ice tray or something similar with water. Use metal, plastic container for better freezing and avoid breaking of the container. If you want, you can boil the water to get clear ice instead of hazy.

2. Now, put the container in the freezer with temperature below 0°C or 32°F. Place the container carefully so that you won’t spill the water in the freezer.

3. Now, hold on for at least 2 to 5 hours before opening the freezer to check if water has completely frozen or not. It can take some time and if the container is larger, it may take longer.

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