How To Install An Under-Sink Water Filter?

These days, more and more people are installing water-purification units in their households. In addition, it is expected to increase at a faster rate in the coming years in order to improve the quality of water consumption all over the world.

While there is an extensive range of household water-filtration products in the market, amongst them one of the most popular types is under-sink water filters. It is considered as the most applied, effectual, and reasonably priced system.

Under-sink water filters are well-founded and most proficient filter systems that can be set up under the sink in the kitchen-sink cabinets. Here, sink water moves through different and reaches up to a dispenser attached to the sink. The dispenser supplies uncontaminated, fresh water for drinking and other purposes.

Why Do You Need Under-Sink Water Filter?

Being one of the most sought-out water filters in the market, the best under sink water filter system can offer several advantages if you install it in your home. There are several factors that play an important role in making under-sink water filter, an idyllic household equipment that can help you improve the quality of everyday life. Some of them are:

Removes The Pollutants

Usually sink water carry lots of damaging elements in it. An under-sink water filter get rid of the pollutants that are found in the sink water and that too without taking away the natural minerals that can be very valuable for a human body. It can remove a wide-ranging variety of toxins like parasites, lead, unhealthy taste and smell, and more. it will keep you and your family healthy and sprightly

A Great Choice

Undoubtedly, under-sink water filters are one of the most widely held categories of water filters. People like to buy and install them because they are usually affordable, need easy upkeep, do not take up ample space, and stay out of sight in the kitchen cabinet.

Simple Installation Process

Usually, water filters are quite easy to set up in your home. This is especially true in the case of under-sink water filters. Just follow the manual and you will be using your filter system in no time. Installation of the filter will take a couple of minutes and save you the money you’d use for a plumber.

Cost-Effective System

if you are tight on budget, need something that is cost-effective and need little maintenance, go for under-sink filter system. They are easily affordable and their upkeep expenses are minimal. Your under-sink water purifier doesn’t require a great deal of other maintenance after installation like reverse osmosis and distillation devices do.

Variety Of Models Available

An extensive range of under-sink filter systems are available in the market. So you can choose the one that will satisfy all your needs and give you best quality results.

How To Install An Under-Sink Water Filter?

Under-sink water filter is quite easy to install and does not need any technical expertise to get the job done successfully. You can use the user manual of your filter system or you can use internet to get the proper instructions on how to install an under-sink water filter.

Given below are the steps on how to install an under-sink water filter by yourself:

Take Out The Tube

First step is to stop the supply of water in the tap by shutting off the faucet beneath the sink. Then detach the waterline from the faucet under the sink by opening the nut a bit and taking out the tube from the faucet.

Mark The Position For Filter Unit

Second step is to mark the position below the sink where the filter unit will be installed against the wall underneath the sink. First place your filter unit against the cabinet wall under the sink nearby the water line. Then mark the position from the holes in the mounting bracket and put in the screws through the holes, tightening them about halfway. Do not forget to leave sufficient space below the filter position so that you can easily swap the water filter cartridges when needed.

Prepare For Filter Connection

After marking the positions, it is time to make filter connections. When you are joining the filter, try using bendable supply lines made of stainless steel in required size instead of plastic tubes that you will usually find in most of the filter implements. These supply lines will be fitted on the brass pipe fittings that come with the filter kit. Attach the brass pipe fittings into both the sides of the filter lid. Then tighten the fittings, but not too much. Now thread one supply line into the brass fitting labelled as ‘in’ and another line into the fitting marked as ‘out’.

Placing The Filter Unit

Now hang the whole filter unit on the wall through the screws on the mounting bracket and tighten the screws up until the whole filter unit is placed firmly. Then attach the supply line from the side of ‘in’ pipe fitting and faucet under the sink.

Finish The Remaining Connections

Now attach the supply line connected to the ‘out’ brass pipe fitting with the threaded faucet stem. Tighten the connections and then turn on the water supply. Do not forget to check if there is any leakage.

Here is the Free Video Guideline How to Install Under Sink Water Filter

No single filter can take out all types of pollutants from the drinking water. It largely depends on where you live. Luckily, due to the safeguard measures taken by government agencies, a domestic filter only requires to eradicate some chemicals, metals, and soil deposits that are not dangerous to the extreme level. Just find out the composition of your tap water and start from there about how and what kind of water filter system would be best for your house.

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