Top 6 ZeroWater Reviews of 2018

Quite a number of people think that purchasing a water filter is luxury. In as much as you get your water from the municipal, there are many benefits that you will get from owning a water filter. It is true that the water from the municipal might be best for drinking, but it travels through some old pipes and this makes the water contaminated with metals and chlorine.

If you are thinking of installing a water filter, you can try Zero water filters. What makes these filters different from other types of water filters? The main difference between Zero water filters and the rest is that they use a five stage filtration system. This involves the use of ion exchange stage and activated carbon stage. Other water filters use ion-exchange resin and activated carbon which end up causing contaminants.

I will five top Zero water filters that you can consider buying. The filters provide quality water free of contaminants. With any of these filters, you can get the same water produced through distillation and reverse osmosis. Read more to find the in-depth reviews.

ZeroWater Replacement Filters 2 Pack

You'll agree with me that drinking water is quite sensitive. We often buy filters to ensure that drinking water is as safe as it can be. If you're looking for the purest taste of water, then you need zerowater replacement filters for that. These replacement filters are the best filters on the market today.

These filters use a five-stage filtration to ensure your water is clean and safe to drink. In all these processes, the water becomes clearer, purer and safer. Every solid particle that has dissolved in the water is removed as well as the cloudiness that makes the water look unclear.

The reason why am saying these filters are the best is that they have been tried and tested and given certification by NSF. They can reduce lead, chromium and other heavy metals. This contributes to the fact that it leaves your water very pure.

When we look at the percentage of effectiveness, we found that the filters are able to remove 99.6% of all dissolved solids. This is almost all of the impurities that are found in water that could seemingly appear clean and safe. It is, therefore, the surest way to keep your water clean.

Not only do they leave your water tasting sweet and clean, they're also very affordable. This is one of those products that do not cost much but the results you get from using are a hundred percent legit. You can use a very small amount of money and get the freshest water you can get anywhere.


  • Compatible with all Zero water dispensers and pitchers
  • Designed with a non-woven membrane that removes fine particles
  • Removes all dissolved solids
  • Leaves water with wonderful taste
  • Very affordable
  • Ensures safe drinking water
  • Has replacement filters


  • The filters don’t last for long

ZeroWater 23 Cup Dispenser with Free Water Quality Meter

It could get tiring when you have to filter a small amount of water every now and then. You can filter more water with this filter. It has a capacity of 23 cups making it the largest refrigerator filter. You can, therefore, have more filtered water stored in your fridge.

Another attribute that makes this filter very great its sleek design. It is made in a very beautiful way that is also space saving. It can, therefore, fit perfectly inside your refrigerator and allowing other things to be put alongside the filter.

Having a 2 in 1 equipment is always a score. This one doubles up as a filter and dispenser. It gets to filter your water and remove all the dissolved solids and be able to dispense that water into a cup or a bottle. This is because it has an on-hand pull and pour button.

Once you put your tap water into this filter, it goes through a five-level filtration process where all the impurities in the water are removed leaving it sparkling and safe to drink. It is in the same process that all the minerals and heavy metals are sieved out.

Don't worry about having stale water in your dispenser anymore. With this filter cum dispense, all water is dispensed to the last drop. It had a shape that facilitates that and leaves no water in it. This means that your water will always be fresh and clean.


  • Easy to use
  • 2 in 1- dispenser and filter
  • Sleek and space saving
  • Removes all dissolved solids


  • You need to replace the filter often to prevent bad odor

ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher with Free Water Quality Meter

10 cups is a big enough capacity for a filter. There could be others with a much bigger capacity but this one is also relatively big. You could filter the water and empty it somewhere else. You could also just filter the 10 cups and dispense until it gets finished then you put some more.

The ten cup pitcher is very affordable for a filter. You do not have to spend a fortune to be able to filter your drinking water. You can use just a small amount of money and get a good enough filter to give you almost a hundred percent of pure water.

It also comes in a very convenient shape that makes it easy to store the filter in your refrigerator. That shape also allows it to dispense all the water in the dispenser before you can filter fresh water. That is very convenient for any user.

Do you want to know how pure your water is after you filter it? With the dispenser, you can do just that. It has an inbuilt purity meter that helps you know how pure your water is. This meter also helps you know the status of your filter. If it reads something more than 000 then you know it's time to change your filter.

You cannot struggle with this filter even without a manual or instructions. It is very easy to use and it has a button that you pull to dispense out your water. It is therefore very user-friendly and it removes all the dissolved solids from your water.


  • It removes up to 99.6% of all the dissolved materials
  • Easy to use
  • Removes all dissolved solids
  • Convenient design that's easy to store in the fridge
  • As compared to other filters, this one is effective and affordable


  • Needs to replace the filter every now and then

ZeroWater 8 Cup Pitcher in Stainless Steel with Free Water Quality Meter

The most striking feature of this filter is its design. It is sleek and stylish making your kitchen look very beautiful. This design also allows it to fit perfectly in your refrigerator and therefore saves you a lot of space. The handle to this filter gives you a firm grip as well.

If you want your water to taste heavenly then this is the equipment you want it to pass through. It ensures that once the water is filtered, it has a very fresh and crisp taste that will quench your thirst and at the same time leave you wanting more of that water.

You know your water is safe for drinking when it has no impurities even the ones you cannot see with your naked eye. This filter will ensure that all the dissolved solids including the heavy metals that are contained in tap water are removed completely.

The water that comes out of this filter is pure and free of any impurities. How do you know this? It comes with a water quality meter that is able to indicate the purity of your water after filtration. This filter will have this meter reading 000 every time you filter your water.

Another interesting thing is that it is made of Stainless Steel. This not only makes it look stylish but also makes it rust free. Items that are made of Stainless Steel do not rust even when exposed to both water and oxygen. It is therefore quite durable.


  • Comes with a free quality water meter
  • Easy to use
  • It is BPA-free
  • Works well in removing lead and other heavy metals
  • Durable
  • Great tasting water


  • Does not come with a dispenser

ZeroWater BPA-Free 8 Cup Blue Water Filtration Pitcher

Are you looking for a filter that is also a dispenser and can do the job perfectly? Get yourself one of these filters and you can be sure to have a perfect filter which is also a dispenser. You actually get two products at the price of one.

It is also important to note that this make of filters is designed in a very beautiful and convenient way. It has a handle that will not slip off as you hold it and the design also makes it look very beautiful. It can also fit perfectly on your fridge shelf.

As you know by now, ZeroWater has the best filters in terms of removing dissolved solids in the water. It is the only certified TDS remover as it is able to cleanse the water of dissolved minerals and any other particles that could be present in the tap water. This filter also has these qualities.

We said the filter is a two in one kind of filter. Other than the dispenser, it also has a water quality meter that helps read the quality of the filtered water to determine whether it is fully safe to drink. The meter should read 000 when the water is filtered.

This filter is not outrageously costly. In fact, it is very affordable and therefore one can purchase it even when they're on a budget. That does not compromise on its ability to deliver. It is very efficient in water filtering as it uses a 5 stage filter process to ensure all the dissolved solids are removed.


  • Firm handle for good grip
  • Easy to use
  • 5 stage filtration process
  • Removes all dissolved solids
  • Has a dispenser and a water quality meter


  • Slow flow of filtered water

ZeroWater 6 Cup Pitcher with Free Water Quality Meter

I don't think there is anybody that likes weird tasting water. I bet you also like your water tasting fresh. There are a lot of factors that could make water taste bad but most of the time it'll be because it has impurities in different forms.

When you have this 6 cup Picher you can be assured that your water will always taste great. It is effective in removing almost 100% of the impurities found in tap water. The freshness and the clarity that you'll experience after using this filter will leave you in awe.

You may not have too much space in your fridge or your fridge could be a small one. This filter does not take up too much space. It is designed in a small and compact way that makes it possible to fit into a small refrigerator.

There are very many contaminants that could make your water unsafe. This filter has a 5 stage filtration process that makes sure all the suspended solids, the organic contaminants and also the inorganic compounds like heavy metals are removed completely from your water.

The last aspect of the 6 cup pitcher is its ease of use. Other than the fact that you do not need a manual to start using this filter, it is also designed in a way that makes your work very easy. The handle, for example, has a non-slip grip allowing you to use it without fear of dropping it and breaking it.


  • Has a firm grip
  • Removes all contaminants
  • Gives the water a great taste
  • Requires little storage space
  • Has a water quality meter


  • Low capacity


People say water has no taste but regardless, water should taste great. There is a certain water taste that should be there to quench your thirst and make you want to drink water. ZeroWater filters are the best in giving safe, pure and delicious water.

They have been certified as they remove all the dissolved solids from your water and therefore making it taste as great as it should. All the above filters will use the same filtration process. The major difference is in the capacity.

You get to choose which one you want according to the amount of water you want to filter at a given time. Compare the features of the filters and select the one that suits your needs well.

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